Now, I hear you

RCA Fashion MA Final Project, 2022

Father and Son relationships, hold such a fragile place. It is a relationship, a bond unlike any other relationship that exists, there are preconceptions of what this relationship should be and look like, placed there by not only society and examples of before but by the father himself. This project is titled Now, I hear you which is a rich combination of sound, performance, sculpture and menswear. My concept derived from exploring father and son relationships which stemmed from looking at that dynamic within my own family between my father and brother.  

The project and these sculptures led me to explore the collaboration with three drummers who I worked closely with to create a sound experience that could sonically translate the felt emotions of a son. The work I created was made up of five human-sized sculptures in wood and metal and what I wanted to communicate was that the drummers were the sons who were in that moment playing their emotions and being heard. The sound arrangement which we worked on together was raw and authentic displaying of emotions.
This project was received through me curating and putting together my first solo show which was held in 26 Leake Street in Waterloo and had an audience of 60+ people. It was a live sound multilayered experience which began with three skaters skating up and down the tunnel in sculptural garments which I designed and made which could inflate and transform due to the wind created when in motion. To the live drumming show featuring three drummers playing a composed piece on the sculptures. Lastly, having an open session where the audience could participate and play on the sculptures themselves.
This project was a great reflection of the layered nature of my practice and offered a series of moments for connection, feeling alive, creative expression and freedom.

The completion of this project wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible team of people and support which I received to bring this concept to life.

Creative Director
Shanti Bell
Halima Walters
Pelumi Obunanjo
Gus Langford
Print & Text Editor
Saffron Cann

Production Assistants
Kito Bamba
Brooke Wishart-Dodd

Jerome Johnson
Ayo Salawu
Jonathan Moko

Sid Archbutt
Leo Meggle
Toby Fitzgerald 

Build Assistants
Caroline Lauvetz
Daisy Moss Faull
Sandra Poulson