Hear Me Now

Exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space, 2023

Hear Me Now seeks to go beyond and deliver an inward glance, a journey of introspection following three narratives of progression; confronting recognition as a beginning, navigating a tender battle, and slowly growing towards an imperfectly perfect freedom. By seeing the human form as a living sculpture, where our interactions with others leave lasting imprints that mould and define who we become, Hear Me Now explores how parents influence and impact the self. Through a visual narrative comprising a soundscape and landscape, this project serves as an introspective instant—a turning inside out, offering a space of an inward glance shared outward.
In creating this project, I sought to establish a relationship between sound and image and explore how they could collide and overlap. Collaborating with Yazmyn Hendrix, a vocal loop artist, was a natural choice due to the inherent connection between a loop pedal's isolated voice, which becomes gradually layered, and the layers of self-exploration that occur during introspection.
Hear Me Nows’ exhibition debut was displayed at Bermondsey Project Space, who had partnered with the Gala and Bird on the Wire to present an exhibition platforming three emerging artists incorporating sound into their practice. Within the gallery space I sought to transform the traditional gallery space through installation, performance, video and textiles.

Colours, sound, and forms vividly narrate the emotions, depicting a story that pushes the boundaries of both sound and wearable sculpture. It poses questions such as: What does an emotion sound like? What does it look like? This is an intimate exploration, sensitively crafted by a team of formidable women with personal ties to its essence. It all began with a simple act: sitting with myself, creating space to truly hear and see who resided within. Through sharing, I discovered profound overlaps in our lives, reminding us that we are never alone in our experiences and that embracing the continuous journey is what matters most.

Creative Director & Maker 
Shanti Bell
Yazmyn Hendrix

Videography, Photography & Visual Collaborator
Alishia Shaw

Ayanna Birch