Goom Heo, ‘Dystopian Beach’ Jewellery 

GoomHeo SS23 X Shanti Bell, 2022

A collaborative project with fashion designer Goom Heo, designing and creating jewellery pieces and belt attachments for her SS23 collection titled, ‘Dystopian Beach’. Throughout this project myself and Goom had a constant dialogue in sharing ideas and expertise to create bespoke pieces which encapsulated the concept and essence behind her collection. Within this project I worked with a mixture of materials and techniques, such as, wood, metal, leather, hand carving, soldering, metal bending and manipulation to create authentic pieces. My intentions were to create jewellery and belt pieces which would not only work cohesively, but also stand out alongside the dynamic designs of Goom’s SS23 collection. It was a great project to further explore how my practice can overlap with other creative mediums.

Photographer - Heji Shin
Airbrush - Inez Valentine