UniVerse: The Dark Crystal Odysessy 

Wayne McGregor, The Royal Opera House, 2023

Wayne McGregor’s UniVerse: A Dark Crystal Odyssey is a moving and startling meditation on the climate crisis through the mediums of ballet, costume and technology. Inspired by the Jim Henson cult classic The Dark Crystal about an ailing planet and a divided race, UniVerse depicts an earth riven by extremes and urgently in need of healing. This work premiered at The Royal Opera House.

Working alongside the head costume designers Philip Delamore and Alex Box I designed and physically realised the Skeksis characters within this narrative as a costume co-creator. To design specifically for the Company Wayne McGregor Dancers allowed me to not only further experiment with pushing the boundaries of human form, wearable sculpture and silhouette, but also consider narration through costume and the creative overlap between dance and art.

Director and Choreographer 
Wayne McGregor
Company Wayne McGregor Dancers

Head Costume Design
Philip Delamore and Alex Box

Costume Co-creator
Shanti Bell
Alex Box
Ravi Deepres